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Goal-Oriented Research

We love to understand your goals, before we do a research for you. This way, we not only bring forth usable results for our clients but also aid the growth of our amazing clients.

Competitive Research

There’s nothing like knowing what your competitors are doing, and then building a marketing strategy. From SERP ranks to content marketing, we let them measure their position based on the industry standards. This is what we help our clients with – placing themselves to actually win the race! Ask us more about it.


Now you don’t have to keep a team on pay-rolls to get an occasional research. Drop us an email and our expert analysts will assist you just when you need them. Literally, Pay-as-you-go!

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"The keyword research report has helped me focus on the correct areas in my business. Thank you Ishana and team Pattraco, for suggesting focus areas. "

− Kritika Singhla, Bangalore, India

"I got a whitespace analysis done for my travel firm in SA. It has changed the way I now plan to innovate in my business. Very helpful. "

− Debra Mans, South Africa

"Very helpful team. They did a keyword research first for me. Then I ordered a competitive intelligence report. It took them 4 weeks for a detailed report. I was very pleased with the results. I am now working on a design strategy with them. Thank you Pattraco!"

− Dustin G, Serbia

So what market research can we do for you?

Keyword Research to Target the Correct Market

If you’ve been thinking your idea would sell like a hot cake on the internet, you could be WRONG! Most start-ups realize that they were targeting the wrong market after 1 year. Don’t fall in this category and get your target keywords today!

Competitive Intelligence to Stay Ahead of Competition

To put in straight – we help you know what your competitors are doing, and what you can do! Detailed online health analysis, scope of expansion, innovation advisory, industry trends, marketing communication plan and more is in store. Ready to grow?

Whitespace Analysis to Innovate like a Rockstar

Before you launch a new service or product, is it not wise enough to know if its worth it? Let us evaluate your ideas, compare them with your competitors, do a platform analysis, test your readiness and do more. We are sure, you would love to take a calculated risk and be the rockstar firm! Won’t you?

Google Ad Campaigns to Grow Your Business

Let the experts handle your Google Adwords account and optimize it for higher conversions. It’s really beyond just setting the bids. We can handle from keyword research to higher conversions, making every penny spent, worth it!

Press Release Distribution to Let the World Know You

If you have a new acquisition, a new product or service, an upcoming event, or just a piece of advice, get noticed by our distributing your press release to top news websites! We’ll help you spread the word about the next giant (read you) in the field! 🙂

Ready to be the big-fish with our market intelligence?

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