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100% Responsive Design

A design needs to catch the viewer by its charm. Only then, conversions happen. Our responsive designs ensure, you get the most of your investment at every step.

Unique Funnel Strategy

There’s definitely science involved behind a highly converting, digital or print design. When we say unique funnel strategy, it means taking your customer through the conversion funnel step-by-step. Ask us more about it!

Print & Digital Media Designs

When your competitors are using design everywhere, we plan to help you market your business with our designs in print and digital media. So if it’s your social media display picture, a new brochure or a website, we can design it all.

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"Thank you soooo much Pattraco. My website is actually getting me more leads now. Your strategy has worked for me!"

− Supriya Dutta, New Delhi, India

"I got the landing page quick from Pattraco. I got multiple revisions done, and they fine tuned it for my need. Would work with you again very soon. Thanks again!"

− Will Richard, United Kingdom

"Great work on my brochure and website both. Looking forward to my animated video from you now. I always keep coming back for more. "

− Mark Levin, MA, USA

So what can we design for you, really ?

Websites To Brag About

We’d only say, your website will aid your conversions, only if the design is correct. So whether you are a service or a product firm (or both), your website needs to have a captivating design. And Pattraco specializes at strategizing and designing such value-for-money websites! Game?

Landing Pages for Higher Conversions

If you’re planning to run an ad campaign or promoting a product/service, you need to clearly tell the viewer “why should they purchase from you”. And we love creating landing pages, that do this for our clients.

Online Stores that Sell Your Business

Don’t you just love a cash register that goes ting-ting-ting, all the time? Well, if you do then get your sales online through are specialized online store websites. These are available with payment portals such as Paypal (for international use) and Payupaisa, CCAvenue and more (for Indian use).

Brochures that Speak for Themselves

Who says brochures, manuals or prospectuses need to be wordy? The heart of our designing lies in using minimum words yet giving away maximum information. How do we do that? Talk to us, we’ll tell you more!

Social Media Creatives that Brand You

If you’ve been using free images, cover pictures, creative posts and more on your social media pages, you are probably losing out on branding your start-up! Now get custom-made, cover photos, display pictures, backgrounds etc with your brand label on them. Sounds classy? Get started today.

Company Videos that Animate Your Work

We truly hope, you aren’t ignoring video marketing for your growth. If you are, then let’s talk soon about how we can create an animation or a whiteboard video for your growing company. Take our word, it’s worth every cent spent!

Recent projects on our canvas

Ready to shake the money tree with our highly-converting designs?

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