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There is always a small segment of your customers who love your product or service more than the rest. They are so to say, ‘obsessed’ with your offering to an extent that they drive most value of your product or service. This special subset of your consumers is called superconsumers.

I have been such a fan of the theory of superconsumers, and it truly works like magic as Eddie Yoon calls it in his book about them.

Superconsumers can help you create a speedway for your brand growth in unimaginable amounts.

Draguignan How to identify a superconsumer?

Do you have a customer who not just buys often from you, but also ‘only’ from you? And they also, go about telling you newer ways in which they used your product? And they cannot resist from telling more people about their love for your product or service? If yes, then you just identified a superconsumer.

These are typically a subset of your customers who end up adding most profit to your business. They are passionate about a certain product and go bonkers over it. They are heavy users of a product or service and heavily involved with the product.

For example, a young girl of 22 years of age, Jessica is obsessed with make-up of a particular brand. She buys uncountable numbers of the same nail paint in different color variations. She not only uses it personally, but brings new nail art ideas with them with her YouTube videos. She is a superconsumer for the brand for sure.

mail order Lyrica How are superconsumers different from the regular consumers?

Superconsumers have a deep in-built thirst that they are quenching for a variety of things when they use your product.

Let’s understand this with an example. Emmy, a young mom with three school going kids, loves cheese by Zing Cheese (a generic name). She buys the product over and over again to solve an array of needs – making lunch exciting for children, preparing cheesy snacks for the evening, innovating with her cooking skills with cheese and a lot more.

When Emmy is asked more about her love for this particular cheese – she dips a piece of potato wedges and explains that how non-drippy the cheese is and it doesn’t fall off. That is her little research on the Zing Cheese, which they didn’t know until Emmy told them.

In another example, people obsessed with Netflix find umpteen reasons to watch a series on Netflix to solve multiple needs – to kill boredom, to relieve stress from work, to have a homely romantic evening, to stay updated with a new series before anyone else and lots more. They just find a reason to use Netflix.

So basically, a superconsumer is always looking out for latest on your brand, they notice smallest changes in your product or service or even take the pain to tell you how the new experience is affecting them.

buy Pregabalin online cheap How to use superconsumers for brand growth?

Superconsumers have analyzed and over-analyzed your product or service until now. They not only give you profit with their purchases, but also a deeper understanding of your product or service.

As Yoon says, they can really help you build an in-road into other groups of consumers that you may have.

A. They help you create new superconsumers: There is a great scope of potential superconsumers in your other consumer base as well. The superconsumer can help you understand what engages them most about your product or service. These you can project as unique selling points to your other consumers. So your revenue grows undoubtedly in the advent of new superconsumers. One superconsumer can make bunch of other regular consumers as superconsumers too. And it grows exponentially.

B. They help you innovate: They can help you innovative in ways you have never imagined. My recent experiment in this case was a small, skincare brand I consulted with. The brand invited their superconsumers’ insight on the current product range. One superconsumer suggested having pocket sized tubes for creams and gels, for easy portability. The idea simply kicked-off a whole new revenue stream for the skincare brand. Their sales increased by 40% year-on-year, of which most came from the mini-pocket kit range. Revenue also came from gifting of the new mini-pocket kit range.

I know my superconsumers, what next?

If you know who your superconsumers are, I need to congratulate you first!

Next, start leveraging them to your biggest advantage.

– Start a suggestion conversation: Ask these superconsumers for opinions on new product ideas, change in service menus, features they wished your product had and more. They can be your brand mentors like no other.

– Have coffee mornings for superconsumers: Get your superconsumers together over a coffee morning, and get them to brainstorm on your brand. Imagine when multiple superconsumers ideate on your product or service, they can create magic.

Get your superconsumers to advertise for you: Your superconsumers are your definite brand ambassadors. If they let you, then use their reviews on social media channels. There is nothing like having a passionate brand buff, talk about your product to potential customers.

Final take:

I encourage most brands to take their superconsumers very seriously. They are like a living R&D laboratory for your product or service. And believe me when I say this, that they are the ones who would want your product or service to stay till eternity.

So what is your superconsumer like?

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