Is Social Media Making Us Dumb?

There is no doubt to one thing; social media negatively impact productivity. If you are downright blunt, they may even affect your relationship with others. But, the question is, do they make you stupid? The answer may surprise you. According to scientists, excessive use of social networking platforms will make you dumb. However, as a professional writer, you cannot afford to ignore them. All you can do is to help your readers make good use of them.

Following are some tips that may help you in this regard.

  1. Harness the power of visual content

It is often said; pictures speak louder than words. Explore any number of social media. You will know that this is true in every sense. Content with photos on Facebook attract greater engagement. The same applies to Twitter. Even the newcomers in the field like Pinterest and Instagram attest to this observation. Try to incorporate visual content in your copywriting endeavors. Combine it with unique and up-to-date information for best results.

  1. Practice utmost caution when writing title

You may be a well-experienced content writing professional. But, if you don’t write a catchy title, you will never reach anywhere. See to it that your title is capable of prompting readers to share your posts among their friends. You will also have to prepare several of them. Sharing just one time is never enough. Repetition will distance readers from you when shared several times. And, do not forget to include industry-related keywords in all of them.

  1. Don’t hesitate to post several times

Content writing experts often fail miserably to attract the attention they seek in social media. A research on the cause will reveal one common trend. A majority of them are afraid to post a blog more than once. This deprives them of the traffic they rightly deserve. Share your post multiple times on social media to stay in front of people living in different time zones. Just see to it that there is a variety in your presentation.

  1. Be frank and honest

Tell your readers how you are running your business. It is true that you cannot tell everything. But, let your followers know that they are connecting with real persons.

There may come a time when social media will stop to grow. Until then, no content marketing professional will dare to overlook them. Being an exception is sure to cost you tons of money.

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