10 Rules For Creating Content People Can Trust

As a professional writer, you aim to attain three things; education, inspiration and entertainment. Inspiring a specific group of people is quite easy. You just have to describe your personal struggles and the way you overcame them. Entertainment is as simple as writing a funny experience or story. The toughest part is informing them. You will have to make sure that the information you offer is up-to-date and accurate. Here are 10 rules you should obey to make this happen.

  1. Gather information

Accept the fact that you are not an expert. Even scholars will need to explore the Internet to present something. See to it that you are using reputed websites for the purpose.

  1. Offer something for free

Asking readers to pay for everything you offer is quite natural. You are a content marketing expert. But, know that this won’t work in the long run. This will make readers feel that you are too focused in making money. Offer something of value for free at least once a week.

  1. Harness the power of emotions

The advice will definitely sound repetitive. But, this is a must if you want to convert traffic to revenue. Let the readers feel desperate to read more of your content.

  1. Stay focused

Don’t try to address all the concerns of your readers at one go. Elaborate on one point. See to it that you are going into as much detail as possible. You should also know how to empathize with your readers.

  1. Include statistics

Incorporate statistics and other credible data into your content. Don’t let them stick out. They should establish what you are talking about.

  1. Give due credit to the author

This is a must for you to survive as a content writing expert. Site all the resources from where you gathered information in the article. Doing this will attest to your observations. It will also protect you from legal complications.

  1. Your staff may not know everything

Make sure that you are using quotes only from experts in the field. If your staff is not well-versed in your field, politely avoid them. Contact someone with the knowledge to improve your credibility as a copywriting professional.

  1. Don’t resort to keyword stuffing

Google will penalize you if you do it. Besides, your readers will leave you never to return.

  1. Try to appreciate your readers

Thank your target group for staying with you. You can also reward them with something valuable.

  1. Stick to active voice

Repeated use of passive voice will confuse and alienate you from your readership.

Follow these rules; you will enjoy content marketing!

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