How To Add Suspense To Your Stories And Dramatically Improve Your Content

As a literary enthusiast, you will definitely have watched Hamlet. In the play, the hero finds that it is his uncle who murdered his father. This happens in Act 1 scene 3. The hero has to take revenge. Since then, the character gets numerous opportunities to eliminate his uncle. Still, he finds himself unable to do it. Hamlet faces lots of obstacles.

No one can say that it is some sort of procrastination. The player puts it off till Act 5. The technique he employed here to hook his readers is called “suspense.” This is what sets a successful professional writer apart from the millions out there. Fortunately, acquiring this skill is not rocket science. Just try these tips.

  1. Put the hero in a dilemma

There are four factors that move a story forward; empathy, prevalent tension, danger and concern. The first thing you should do when writing a story is to create these feelings. Instill concern for your main character. Done this, you can give it an internal struggle or a deep wound that needs healing. Let the story progress in the line of the struggles your hero faces.

  1. Inform the reader of the danger

Let your readers know the gravity of the situation. This will create a situation where your audience will feel anxious for your hero. It will feel the fear and pain your main character experiences all along the story. You should make the struggle as intense as possible. The hero should work in a stringent timeframe. Everything in the world, even time should be against the main character.

  1. Exert pressure

Pressure tactics is something no content marketing expert can afford to ignore. Let the hero face pressure from all sides. Don’t make him bow down to them. The only person who feels trapped should be your reader.

  1. Add up to hero’s problems

See to it that the hero has to handle numerous other issues than the antagonist. The best way to make it happen is through the antagonist’s friend. Let him come in between delaying everything good the hero intends.

  1. Avoid giving direct answers

Don’t allow anything to happen as per the expectations of your audience. Beat around the bush in an intelligent manner.  Even when you give answer, make it as unexpected as possible.

Adding suspense to stories is a must for a content writing expert to survive in the market. Still, you don’t have to worry; just remember these pointers.

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