Has SEO Been Reincarnated by Content Marketing?

Are you one among the millions who are confused to see that their websites have been pushed down to the bottom pages in Google? If yes, the following insights are presented just for you.

SEO and content writing

The fuss on quality content created nowadays is sure to scare away even sincere search engine optimizers. But, the truth is that the insistence of Google on good-quality content is there with us, for quite a long time. Just surf the Internet and you would be able to understand it.

SEO past and present

If you are someone with more than 7 years of experience in SEO, you are sure to be aware of the most effective tactics of the time to rank high in Google. Pile up as many back links as possible.  You would also be advised to stay away from “no-follow” links as they would not be counted in Google’s evaluation of your website’s relevance. This required that you should be striving to get as many links as possible from Government or other educational websites. The more links you have, the higher your rank would be in Google. For this reason, website owners were always advised by the SEO professionals to speed up the process of link building. This was often attributed towards the immense popularity certain websites enjoyed at that time. You didn’t even have to be a member of reputed online forums. All you need to do is to give a quick scan of the blog and comment something like, “quite interesting” or “informational.” The writers may have spent days or at least hours to prepare an article. But, even they just need as many links as possible. Just giving a comment with a link to your website would often be regarded as an act of kindness. The same trend reflected in the content published at that time. You were not required to write quality content, but were asked to submit it to as many directories as possible.

But, times have changed a lot. At present, Google is in a position to recognize and penalize those who write duplicate or inferior-quality content. This has even been attested by Google itself in its statement made in the field. In fact, the low-quality articles you have submitted to the directories are going to prove disastrous for your SEO campaign. Google is now capable of studying the kind of links you have on your website and decide accordingly. To be honest, even stuffing keywords and making your posts difficult to understand for search engines and your target audience too are going to hurt your website ranking. Watching a video broadcasted by Cutts, the chief of the web spam team of Google would be of great help in the field. It lists the fatal mistakes SEO experts need to avoid if they wish to remain before the eyes of their potential customers. Google has designed its search spider in such a way that it understand what its human users want.  And, it is quite fast to modify the search algorithms on the basis of the information being filtered.


All this does not mean to indicate that SEO is dead. It has got a new direction, a human-oriented approach. If you wish to remain on the top pages of Google, you are left with no other option, but to write great content and get links from authorized websites.






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