SEO Article Writing for Beginners! 5 Tips for Writing Helpful Articles That Readers Love

A person who spends time online would come across two types of writers; those who write to inform and the ones targeting search engines. But, to be successful, a writer should be able to combine both, search engine optimization and valuable content. It implies that if you wish to be successful as a writer, your articles or blogs should give equal importance both to the keywords and to information. If you are someone who reads blogs and articles, you are sure to come across postings which are stuffed with keywords, but full of grammatical errors.  They may even appear to be written by a machine. But, if you wish to attract traffic to your website, you have to do better. Deploy these strategies and you would be well on your way to being the favorite of not only your readers, but also of Google.

  1. Go for one long-tail keyword per posting

Long tail keywords would be 4-8 words in length. Ranking high in these words would be quite easy. The competition for the keywords unique to your articles is sure to be low or non-existent.

  1. Create an eyeball-grabbing title around the keywords

With the keywords found, the next step is to incorporate the same in your post. You can begin the attempt with the title. But, take care to ensure that the keywords do not stick out demanding attention. They should fit naturally and should even be able to grab the attention of your audience at a glance. The best thing to do is to research on what people type to search the kind of information you wish to impart. Whatever is the situation, try to make sure of one thing; the title remains free from grammatical errors, is closely related to the article and is capable of attracting human readers.

  1. Give something of value to your readers

The title is prepared and it is the time for the actual post. Forget your keyword for the moment and fix your eyes on the actual goal. Keep in mind that it is with people that you have to interact, not with search engines. Do everything you can to ensure that your postings are beneficial for your target audience. Be warned; even with the right percentage of keywords your articles are not going to rank high in Google or help you attract traffic if it is not informational.

  1. Prepare content capable of surpassing time

When you create articles or blogs, try to impart information which can be used for a long time. Doing this would help you ensure that readers are coming to you every now and then searching for advice and assistance.

  1. Create a list of semantically related words or phrases

It is true that keywords are the greatest tools you have to rank high in search engines. But, this does not imply that you should stick with the same words and phrases. This may distract readers, never to be back again.  Try to search for the synonyms for the keywords of your choice and keep a list of the same. They would come handy when you have to prepare hundreds of articles on the same topic.

Highly optimized articles would be appealing both for the search engines and human readers at the same time. But, this may need great commitment and effort. Your efforts would get rewarded in full by the long run with the growth of revenue you are going to experience.

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