An Argument Against Outsourced Content – A SEO-News Exclusive Article

As a website owner, you are sure to have read a lot about outsourcing. This is one among the most discussed and wrongly interpreted terms in the industry.

The following is a brief analysis of the aspect.

What is outsourcing?

The term outsourcing can be defined in accordance with the preferences, requirements and past experiences of a website owner. In the context of this article, it would be described as a strategy where you aim at improving the quality of your website content in a budget-friendly manner. For this purpose, you entrust the task with a writer or company located overseas. Countries like India and Philippines are known as the favorite destinations of those who generally outsource their writing tasks.

Disadvantages of outsourcing

There is no doubt to the fact that labor is cheap in the Asian continent, in the countries like China, India and Philippines. But, to be honest, you are going to have a tough time locating writers with good experience here. Most of them remain undiscovered amongst the huge pool of advertise who just want to fill their pockets.

Economy is experiencing a slowdown in all over the world. For this reason, the objective of most of the known companies is to give you as many articles as possible in this low rate. This they believe would give a good standing in the market in the way of increased customer base. But, if you are not careful in selecting, you are going to face the following dangers.

  • Inferior quality content: This is a story consulting companies here often happen to here. The website owner assigns the writing tasks with a company which promises great quality at ridiculously low rate. In the end, the webmaster receives content which appears too difficult to understand or has no connection with the company’s products or services. Take care to entrust your writing responsibilities with a company which is willing to spend time with you to have an idea of your aspirations. This is not going to happen if you are willing just to spend 2-5 dollars.
  • Over-used articles: You are never going to know if an article on the topic of your choice is being used by your competitor. Even if they do it, it would definitely be modified to avoid copyright issues. Still the uniqueness gets lost.

Solutions for the trouble

If you are keen on educating the audience of your objectives, do not outsource your content. Give the assignment to a reputed firm in your locality. You may have to spend a bit, may be up to $200. But, one thing is sure; your content would educate, motivate and tempt readers to come to you. They would be happy to spend for the product or service you recommend.

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