SEO Content Marketing and Cross-Pollination – A SEO-News Exclusive Article

There is no doubt to one fact; good quality content is the lifeblood of a website. It can be anything you opt to publish on the Internet; ranging from blogs to the videos you upload.

Remember, an aggressive marketing campaign made educational with valuable insights on the products or services you sell is essential to survive in this tough competition. Doing this would attract more and more customers and quality links to your website. If the content is of high quality, your clients would not mind even if you push your company’s products or services a bit.


There are numerous strategies you can employ to promote your product or service. Cross-pollination is known to be the most effective among them. Here, you write a piece on a product or service you wish to advertise. This post gets promoted in as many online platforms as possible. Take care to be mindful of the rules and regulations of every platform you choose when doing it.

Following the guidelines would be of advantage to you in the matter.

  1. Add a webpage for the newly launched product:

The first thing you should do after launching a product in the market is giving a place for the same on your website. The most effective way to do is to add a new page for the same.  Done this, you can take measures to announce it to the public.

  • Go for an offline campaign
  • Distribute the news through press releases
  • Give a link back to the product landing page using proper anchor texts.
  1. Have a blog on the company website:

Make sure that your company website has a blog designed to give an idea of the newly launched product or service. This should go hand in hand with the press release you are going to publish in different online platforms. The content you publish should address the following concerns:

  • The problems the product is designed to solve
  • What makes your product stand out from its competition


Offering a demo or sample of your product would do a lot in this matter.


  1. Let your clientele know of your new product


Do not focus too much on attracting new customers. Let your current customers remain updated on your actions in the market. Offering discounts to those who sign up to your newsletter is an option worth trying here.


When combined with a well-planned SEO and a bit of online advertising, you are well on your way to establishing a name in the market.

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