7 Dangerous Lies Your SEO Content Writer is Telling You – A SEO-News Exclusive Article

Webmasters trying to optimize their websites for major search engines is sure to note something; quality content is a must to survive in the market. Google has made it clear with the innovative programs like Panda to penalize website owners trying to create back links through unethical practices like link farming. The trouble at present is not the absence of good content writers, but the difficulty to locate them.

You are going to here a myriad of lies when searching for writers to help you optimize your website for search engines. Here is an overview of some of them.

  1. I do all my work on my own:

This is something most of the webmasters get to hear quite often. Your choice writer would inform you that the team or anyone of its close associates would take care of the task entrusted. But, you end up getting content that fails even to come closer to what you have been expecting. Do the following before making a final commitment.

  • Enquire about the company’s or the writer’s credentials
  • Ask how long the writer or the team has been in the field.

If the answers you get appear vague, just reconsider your decision.


  1. Your articles would reach your inbox within 24 hours:


When searching for a writer to assist you with your website, you would definitely hear an ad like we deliver tons of articles within 24 hours. Here, you are in for either of the following two unpleasant surprises:


  • The writing is far below than what you expected from the writer.
  • You are not going to get the content within the specified time.


Look for practical promises based on the kind of website you wish to promote to stay safe from this danger.

  1. We don’t use article spinners:

There are hundreds of stories where the marketer trusts a writer who comes up with low-cost, hundred times spun articles. Checking your choice company’s or the writer’s credentials or other blogs would help you sense this danger and avoid it.

  1. We do in-depth research:

This too is one among the hundreds of lies webmasters are forced to listen to. Just explore the company’s website and this dishonesty would be exposed.

  1. We have years of experience:

This too is one among the oft-repeated lies. Explore the company’s portfolio and you would come to know the truth.

  1. The flow of keywords would remain natural:

Beware of this lie. Google loves keywords. But, it hates the ones which forcefully demand attention.

  1. I just need $1 for a good article:

Remember, quality asks for payment. Stay away from those who appear to be too liberal or show too much concern for your budget.

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