Customer experience mapping as a tool for content

The mindset of the customers are difficult to understand as it is difficult to which products they would like to buy online which are designed, organised , manufactured and programmed by the online marketers. The right way to satisfy the customers is to keep a track of their needs and desires. If you as an online product seller or programmer are attracting a good number of customers then either you have a good build up of customers or you are manufacturing the products of their choice. But having a good customer base is not the end as there is always scope for betterment. It all depends on customer experiences, the better the customer experience, the more the customers are happy and this in return brings more money to you as a manufacturer.

There can be a discrepancy between the customer experience data provided by the manufacturer and in the actual data this can create major damages to the manufacturer’s customer base and once broken customers trust is very hard to regain back.

Why is experience map needed?

In order to understand customer’s experience better, you should create an experience map. The benefits of experience map includes consistent content messages, capitalisation of the users’ needs, to create unity amongst the various departments of your online company and true mapping one can focus fully on the customers.

What are experience map?

An experience map is a visual representation of the beginning to end path which the customer takes while choosing or buying products online. The main aim of mapping is to bring the company workers on the same page while understanding the customers’ buying journey. While creating a map, it should be kept in mind that the map is easy to read and that it works like a self-contained unit.

What are the components of experience map?

The components of experience maps basically deal with the overall view of a particular person’s journey on buying a product, the design of the map should give answers to the transition of the customer’s mind. It should explain why you are doing it and should be informative. It identifies the marketer’s strength and weaknesses. Creating a map can be a time taking process as it involves data collection and analysis of the collected data. The ground work should be full proof and while designing the map only the important points should be selected. It should be kept simple and should provide meaningful picture of customer’s experiences.  The main goal of online marketing is to build up a perspective experience map and this can be achieved through detailed analysis. As a good experience map can help you in understanding the customers’ wants and providing the same to them in time.

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