3 Resources To Help You Publish The Content Your Audience Wants

The prospect of becoming a good writer is not that difficult. Internet abounds in tutorials. Experts all over the world conduct workshops and webinars. You just need the time and patience to acquire the skills needed. The real trouble is to earn a reputation in your field as a professional writer. This becomes possible only when you are able to publish your content. Here are a few resources you can explore in your attempts in this direction.

  1. Reddit

If you don’t mind adhering to stringent guidelines, this is the one for you.  An informational post will fetch may be hundreds of positive feedbacks. Still, the decision to be lenient in even a single rule here can cost you dearly. Begin with posting your blogs on any of the subreddits. You can move further as you feel confident.

  1. Pinterest

The place is meant for someone good in producing visual content. Create informational content. You will definitely go to the next level. The platform attracts millions of visitors per day. Just make sure that you are following guidelines. Negligence here may make you regret your decision.

  1. Storify

Prepare unique, fresh and updated content and share it here. Here too, you will get millions of good following. Be willing to learn and stay patient here. It may take a bit of time for you to earn a name in content writing.

Tools to consider

Make use of the following tools to get the most from the resources you choose.

  • The Tweeted Times: The tool is meant for those using Twitter. It searches popular news from the social networking platform. All you need to do is to categorize the type of news you want to write on.
  • ClipZine: This works almost like a magazine in preparation. It lets you prepare great blogs and arrange them like a magazine. Sharing it among your friends is a simple thing.
  • Medium: Medium is a great place to write and share any length of stories or blogs. When you post something here, it gets shared amongst your followers. A feed gets distributed all over the Internet. This makes you visible when someone searches with your tagline. In fact, it is a great asset for a content marketing


Establishing yourself as a copywriting expert is not that difficult. You just have to follow these guidelines and use the resources mentioned above.

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