How To Save and Use Your Content Ideas

Writer’s block is a terrible situation. You get an assignment from one of your clients. The deadline is fast approaching; you find yourself staring blankly at your computer screen searching for a way to begin the project.

The Internet is filled with posts rich in great ideas. But, nothing is going to help you. You have to write on a topic that appeals to your target audience. The best way is to create the ideas on your own. Here are some sources you can ponder upon.

Resources to harvest ideas

Coming up with fresh ideas upon demand is a truly daunting task. But, as a professional writer with a few years of experience in the field, you don’t have to look far to get them. Try these simple tricks.

  1. Save comments on your blogs

You will definitely have blogs your readership enjoys. They also may have attracted lots of comments. Save them for future reference. It may happen that your readers must have asked questions or expressed their concern on something they have read. Use them as your source of ideas when publishing your next post. See to it that your posts are easy to read, understand and follow.

  1. Check your company’s “Frequently Asked Questions” section

Check your company website’s frequently asked questions section. It will have lots of ideas you can use in your blog. Remember, your aim is to promote your business. You can also do the same with Google using your main keyword.

  1. Use “answer the” tool

As a content marketing expert, you may be familiar with Google’s auto fill. It gives suggestions based on the keywords you type. Take these suggestions to the website mentioned above. It features a tool designed to help gain insights about consumers. Key in your query and it will come up with a list of the phrases users generally type based on fifteen questions it has received. Generating as many ideas for your blog posts from here is something you will definitely love doing.

  1. Contact your readers

Form a small group of your readers and invite them for a conference call. If your posts are informational enough, they will definitely feel excited. Ask them questions related to your topic. Save a few ideas that you can make use of them in your copywriting endeavors.

Generating ideas to use them for your posts is not that difficult. In fact, the effort will make content writing an amazing experience. Begin your effort here with the guidelines given above.

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