3 Resources to Help You Create, Organize and Manage Your Content

So are you an experienced professional writer who has seen it all, written it all and still falling short on generating new and original stuff for your employed or personal business? Or are you a novice into the fast developing field on digital marketing? Whatever be the level of your expertise, chances are high that after a prolonged period of working in this field or even at random moments in your professional journey, you might fall short on ideas to keep on generating relevant yet interesting and original ideas. Don’t berate yourself when you land up at this tight spot, it happens with everyone. It is time to take some professional help and tips.

Software tools

There are a host of copywriting tools available in the market today that will come to your rescue at the click of a mouse button. These tools generally work with keywords and phrases. You type a keyword, set of words or phrase and the tool will generate a number of possible topics associated with those words and phrases that can be meaningful. Some of these simply generate potential ideas to make the content better and genuine rather than just suggesting topics.

Websites and social media

There are quite a few websites which work more like forums where you can post a query on any topic and anyone on the web can answer it. The best answer is chosen from visitors’ votes. The same thread can be continued and replies to the answers can also be viewed and commented upon. This takes a bit more time but helps you develop a holistic view of the topic you are working on. There are social media sites where people discuss the latest trends in industry regarding any product and technology. Surfings through these forums are a great help in content writing.

Browsing company websites

Content marketing is a very competitive industry and there is nothing wrong in taking inspiration from other companies or websites. Many a times, just going through the labels of a product and its packaging may yield great ideas for you too. The two products may be totally unrelated but the promotion idea or the description content may be helpful. But a word of caution – getting inspired and plagiarism are separate things and special care must be taken to avoid any copyright violation or unnecessary legal hassles.

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