Entrepreneur Alert: Handling Digital Marketing Yourself

The ultimate aim of digital marketing, in layman terms can be narrowed down to this – to increase the chances of your advertisement or page popping up in as many search engines and social media websites as possible. This may seem like a herculean task and pretty complex for start-up entrepreneurs but following a few general guidelines and tips along with proper practice will make the task interesting, if not easy. Big companies and firms have a separate department for digital marketing and invest a lot on specialised employees and consultants. But for amateur entrepreneur newly into the web market, investment options are constricted and there are other aspects to heed to like logistics, production management etc.

If you are one of the new breeds of new entrepreneurs who are jostling for a space in the online market and want to save a fortune in digital marketing, why not try DIY? You do not need to hire a professional writer for a start-up. All you need is decent writing skills and basic grammar rules. Apart from these literary skills you will need a grasp of a few technical tricks of the trade. Read on.

Advertisement Tips

Before you start, make sure that you are thorough with the search algorithms and rules of the common search engines.  The ad URL extensions on search engines often lead to irrelevant or misleading pages. Avoid this by updating the pages and optimizing the URLs regularly. Do not use all caps in any sentence; rather just the first letter of important words should be in caps as this is easily readable. The copywriting should be able to hold the reader’s attention till the end of the line.

Website Tips

Update your website regularly. Be conversant with latest trends in website design and even if you are not sure of the technical aspects, hire someone with whom you can get your ideas translated into attractive and sleek pages. Release a mobile/android-friendly version of your website if you haven’t done that already. The content writing should be precise, interesting and use easy keywords which should also be optimized for searches.

Search Engine Optimization

It is very important to have a business blog with original content for a successful content marketing campaign. The same has to be updated at regular intervals. Also make sure that the pages are linked with your Google account and the details like geo-tagging and working hours etc are displayed on maps other searches.

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