How to convince Your Skeptical Readers to Accept a New Idea

Tackling skeptical customers and making them believe in your new idea may be the single most important thing for a professional writer. People who are heavy surfers and turn on to the internet for every small purchase or discussion are generally the most skeptical lot. No matter how aggressive you r article is and how detailed the description of the topic, they will never get convinced. For writing a convincing article on any idea, you have to think from a skeptic’s point of view. You have to ask every question that will sprout up in their minds and successfully tackle them leaving no doubt in the end and drive home your opinion too. Towards that, there are a few guidelines that may be followed.

Generating conflict

A conflict of opinion or disagreement has to be generated at the right time. The best approach should be to ask a question which shakes the very central theme or subject of your article. Say you are copywriting on a topic – “hiring a single logistics company for long term is beneficial for business”. Before you dwell further on the topic, it is advisable that you propose a disagreement first, saying why hiring a logistics company for long term will not be beneficial. And then you weigh both the pros and cons of this statement.


The next step should be to prove your point or validating your statement. Convincing content writing should focus on providing valid facts and committing to these facts throughout the body of the article. Producing conflict and resolving it in a matter of few paragraphs may sound tricky but with a little practice you will get a hang of it soon. Now following the same approach for every article may not be a wise idea and bringing out the disagreement at the right instant is necessary.

Providing enough data

The final step in convincing is to strengthen your idea with supporting information that is not available anywhere else through open-source forums and websites. The exclusivity of information in itself is a very convincing factor. The skeptics tend to lean more towards the source that provides information that is unique.

Content marketing is all about providing facts, figures and information about the topic or product under consideration in a logical, meaningful and user-friendly way. You should use your common sense in omitting the portion of data that may prove counter-productive.

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