A/B Testing Defined In A 10 Minute Read

Generating revenue is the ultimate goal of every website; whatever may be the type. While some may focus on ecommerce, others concentrate in ads offering paid subscriptions. Whatever is the situation, businesses will have to monitor their websites’ performance at regular intervals.  Here comes bucket testing to your assistance.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing, also known as bucket testing  is a process where the designer compares two versions of a website to see how they perform. Here, the professional prepares two variants of a website. Done this, he displays one version to half of its visitors and the other to the remaining customer base. The one that attracts more traffic gets adopted into the company’s business mechanism. If you are a professional writer, A/B testing lets you improve your ranking on Google and automatically the traffic to your website.

How it works

The first thing you should do when thinking of an A/B testing is determining what you want to improve. If yours is a copywriting firm, you may want to do an off-site testing. You will send two versions of an ad copy or a sales email to different visitors and see how they fare with your customers. When it comes to on-site testing, you will need to list the features of your website.

Don’t forget to prepare a list of the variables you plan to test. The place you want to have the call for action and the text you prepared for the two versions are just two to mention. Even the colors used and line spacing deserve utmost importance here.

Benefits of split testing

Split testing or A/B testing offers the following benefits for a content marketing professional.

  1. Evaluate your content

Bucket testing is a right-hand assistant for a content writing firm or an expert. It helps you analyze how a particular version of your post generated more traffic than the other. The more you test yourself, the more you improve because you get greater insights into your writing.

  1. It increases your revenue

When you use concrete data to test your company’s performance, you get more valuable insights. They are sure to be more practical than the ones a team takes after a brain-storming session. Quite naturally, your revenue improves and your business gets to the next level.

Success in copywriting or in any other aspect of your website is not that difficult. All you need is an A/B testing at regular intervals.

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