10 Ways To Prepare Your Online Business For The Holiday Season?

Holidays are fast approaching. If yours is a small business, you are sure of one thing. The season is the new beginning your business desperately needs. However, the question arises; are you prepared enough? The answer may vary from company to company.

Following insights will definitely help if your answer is “no” to such a query.

Prepare your website for holidays

Begin your efforts here with a thorough inspection of your server. See to it that it is large enough to handle the excess of traffic it can receive during the holiday season. You may consider downsizing in times when you don’t feel the need. Combine it with the following insights; you will definitely take your business to the next level.

  1. Test it at regular intervals

The extensive traffic during the season is sure to test the technical capabilities of your website. Failure here will lead to downtime, the most disastrous situation for an ecommerce website. The Internet abounds in websites designed to flood its user’s virtual store with artificial users. It will assist in your efforts to test the capabilities of your online store. If you feel that the bandwidth is not enough, contact your service provider.

  1. Check your shipping contract

Free shipping and other offers are sure to increase your chance among your large-scale competitors. Still, make sure that you are able to keep up the promise. Check the deliveries you have dispatched.  If there are a great number of complaints, you may consider switching your service provider.

Give utmost priority to attractive offers on your website. You may want to create a specific webpage for the purpose.  Remember, being late with regard to dispatches is truly bad. It will simply lead you out of the market.

  1. Evaluate your past

Check the analytics tools you are using for your website. Take out past data and try to glean as many valuable insights as possible. Analyze your failures and the reasons behind them. Note the changes that have happened. Try and see how they affect how you will interpret the same this year. And, do not forget your competitors. Monitor how they depict the holiday season. The effort will help you determine how to stand above them.

  1. Rearrange your pay per click campaign

Inspect your PPC campaign and make sure that it is in order. All you have to do during the holiday season is to switch it on. Optimize it as per the results. Doing this will give you enough time to make it work in your favor. You will also stay far above your competition.

  1. Check your shopping cart

Those who buy online expect their shopping experience to be free from troubles. This makes it a must that you go for something that offers just basic facilities. Imagine yourself as a customer and look for the features you would want. It should offer a rating mechanism, reviews and the items available to order.

  1. Design attractive landing pages

See to it that you have landing pages for every single product you sell or promote. Analyze ones you designed for previous holidays and learn from the mistakes you made. Start building as early as possible. It will give you enough time to find the landing page that converts well. You can transfer all the traffic to the one that does well.

  1. Speed up your website

Surveys reveal that if your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, users will leave it. Explore the Internet, locate speed testing services and get to know your online store. You can also make use of online tutorials to help yourself in the matter. If all these fail to come up at par with your expectations, upgrade your Internet plan. Remember, even the difference of seconds would mean a lot when it comes to conversion rates.

  1. Add live chat facility

Live chat is the best way to address customer concerns and solve queries. Take measures to ensure that it reflects the good quality of your online store. To be honest, live chat is far better than telephonic conversations. It lets you communicate with multiple customers at the same time.

  1. Use social media

Enjoy some time on social networking platforms. Holiday is all about visual appeal. Decorate your campaign in such a way as to tempt your prospective clients. Do a market analysis and check the platforms your customers generally prefer. Stay active in your choice ones. Post valuable content and respond to queries related to your niche.

You should also build lasting relationships on the Internet. Let them promote your business in return to some kind of service. Spread word about yourself on other websites through guest blogging and other forms of advertising.

  1. Build a subscriber base

This in fact is the first thing you should do. You should begin it as early as you can. You don’t have to worry even if you have yet to decide upon a strategy. Add value to your website and expand your reach. The larger your following is, the greater your profits will be.

Finally, keep your store in order. Buy the supplies you need. Hire more staff. Doing this will help you generate revenue all through the year. It will also avoid disasters due to shortage of staff.


Combine all this with an effective content marketing strategy. Remember every surfer comes to your website seeking information. Only if you are able to pitch yourself as an expert will help you gain customer trust. This done, all you need to keep on adding value. The loyalty will automatically get transformed into revenue.

Make use of your imagination. Sky is the limit when it comes to your potential. Just see to it that you are not causing any inconvenience to your customers.

This is a brief overview. You can do a lot to improve customer experience during holidays. Do your own homework and accept the recommendations you feel will work for you.

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