What Is The True Cost Of Building And Managing A WordPress Website?

Wherever you may come across WordPress, you are sure to see the word “free!” Fortunately, this is not an exaggeration. You don’t have to spend even a single dime to enjoy its basic features. If you want, you can even run a website without worrying about your wallet. However, as a professional writer, you know one thing for sure; you get what you pay for. You have to run a website capable of attracting targeted traffic. This asks for some sort of payment.

The true cost of WordPress

Two factors play an important role in determining how much you will spend for your WordPress website. They are money and time.  If you are willing to spend hours to set up a website, you won’t have to spend much. But, those with a tight timeframe will have to drain their budgets a bit. They will have to buy premium themes and plug-ins for the purpose. Following are the other things that may influence the cost of WordPress for you.

  1. Webhosting

If you are a copywriting expert, you will need a domain name on your own. WordPress blogs seldom come to Google on search results. Prices may vary depending on the name you choose. Whatever is your choice, you will spend an average of $18 per year for it.  If you want, you can also get premium themes.

  1. Designing a website

This may appear a no-brainer for a tech-savvy content marketing expert. However, if you are an average webmaster, you will have to hire a freelance designer. A search on Google for the same will come up with thousands of service providers. And, prices may vary depending on your requirements. You may find a designer with an hourly rate of just $4. But, know that low cost does not often provide quality. The best option is to agree on a fixed rate. Be willing to spend a bit if you are keen on functionality of your online home.

  1. Security

This is something you cannot afford to compromise if you want to earn from content writing. Your clients need to feel that their information will stay safe with you. The Internet offers a vast array of options here. You can also go for the security WordPress provides. Hire a security firm if yours is a large-scale business.

Content marketing is quite simple; follow these tips.

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