25 ways to use infographics for customer attention

Why are infographics important?

Infographics are extremely valuable assets that nurture media growth. They attract attention very well and provide endless possibilities for creative imagination.

Relation between human mind and infographics

The human brain loves infographics and here are the reasons why. Human are visual creatures. We respond readily to anything that is fun to watch and is interactive. Images simplify a difficult idea and can get the message across to the targeted audience very easily. They seem to have a natural friendship with digitization. Computers can generate unbelievably attractive and hyper real images. We can analyze and assimilate an image much faster than plain black words on a paper. Infographics are the basis of brand creation.

The usage of infographics

Infrographics can be divided into 25 types based on their themes and concepts.

  1. Can be created to explain and simplify any content.
  2. Can be used to compare any products such as before and after comparisons etc.
  3. Helps to timeline the items, through their illustrations evolution of the subject can be shown.
  4. Through infographics various collections of quotes, reviews etc can be summarised.
  5. Components of the process can be explained through step by step pictures.
  6. Makes the method of instructions easy as people find pictorial instruction methods easy to understand.
  7. Infographics are visually more appealing, any charts or tables which have images or icons attract the attention of audience faster.
  8. Stories can be told in a better manner through infographics.
  9. The study of any kind of universal item can be made attractive through visual image collections.
  10. The best way to signal any kind of warnings to the people is through powerful images.
  11. Can be used as a metaphor for explaining any text or concept.
  12. Visual representation of resumes is a new idea which has been formulated for creating a strong image in the employer’s mind.
  13. Graphic representation of research or survey reports makes a compelling study.
  14. Can be used as an engaging tool for representing goods which can attract potential buyers.
  15. The story of changing trends can be told in a creative way.
  16. The timeline for historical events can be shown in an interesting way through visual representation.
  17. Infographic summarisation of any kind of event or any place can be done.
  18. Can be used as pictorial guides.
  19. Can be used in the form of flow carts to represent family lineage.
  20. Can be used to show causes and effects of any event.
  21. Can make any biography creative and appealing.
  22. Pictorial stories have more audiences.
  23. Inforgraphic manifestos are good branding tool.
  24. Can be used as lists.
  25. Makes good logos or acronyms for any idea.


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