Four SEO Tactics that Matter in 2014

Google, with its constant innovations is giving a tough time to all SEO professionals out there. This happens due to the fact that the search engine giant wants to give users the most relevant results. As someone concerned of the position of his/her website, you are left with no other choice, but to follow suit. Whatever is the situation, one thing is sure; Google’s attempt would always be to be of maximum use for its customers.

4 effective SEO strategies for 2014

There are numerous strategies developed with the purpose of taking a website to the first page of Google’s search results. But, the successful ones are those which offer maximum value to the users. They include the following:

  • Creating an email subscription through content: This is something which happens naturally. When you start offering valuable insights in your niche, you start getting subscribers to your emailing list. It would keep on expanding as and when you establish yourself as an expert in the field.
  • Increasing visibility through guest blogging: As a knowledgeable SEO professional, guest blogging would definitely be something you enjoy. Know that this is one among the most effective marketing strategies at present. Doing this would help you get back links to your profile which is sure to boost your website’s ranking in Google.
  • Increasing target conversion: When keywords capable of converting traffic into sales come on top pages of Google, you are attaining an increase in target-conversion rate. Here too, you are required to make sure that the content is of great value to the users.

Following are the strategies which are going to be of help to you in your efforts to increase your visibility on the Internet in 2014.

  1. Making use of latent semantic indexing keywords: In a bid to give users maximum relevant results for the queries typed on search engines, Google and others in the industry make use of one technique; latent semantic indexing. This is a scheme where the relevance of a website is determined based on the synonyms of the main keyword. For instance, if yours is a website selling ornaments, Google would anticipate that your website contain synonyms of the same. The more related keywords you have, the higher it would become relevant for search engines.


  1. Giving a helping hand: The field of search engine optimization abounds in link building strategies. But, the most successful among them are the ones capable of assisting a webmaster to improve his site. For instance, if you see a spelling error, it is always great to reach out to the site owner and offer a helping hand. And, do not forget to ask a link to your website in return. An attempt to reach out to repair broken links too would go a long way in earning reliable backlinks for your website. The best thing to do is to create an email template. When you see a dead link, inform the owner of the page that only a link to your website is the reliable solution for the trouble. An offer to improve upon outdated content is another way to get quality backlinks. Do a research and when you come across obsolete postings on a website offer to replace it with timely and valuable postings. This too should be done in return for a link to your site.
  2. Do not underestimate existing content: When trying to increase the visibility of a website, you would be deploying your own strategies for the purpose. It is truly laudable. However, if you ignore what is there on a website, you are creating trouble for yourself. Everything would have to be built from the basic. This is not going to be an easy job given the fact that you are expected to do it as fast as possible. The postings which do not contribute towards success may not be of low quality. A bit of promotion at times would be sufficient to take care of the issue.


The following tips may be of interest to you in the field:

  • Publish a post in various formats: Try to publish content in as many formats as possible on the Internet. Slideshows, eBooks, info graphs etc are a few experiments worth trying.
  • Broaden your strategies to get backlinks: Begin your efforts in this direction by preparing a list of website owners who might be interested in what you have to offer. Try to contact them and ask for a link to your site.
  1. Let co-occurrence be a part of your controlled content distribution efforts: This is considered to be the most successful when it comes to SEO techniques. You should be in a position to understand how customers are searching for the products or services you or your competitors have to offer. Remember, the greater the connectivity of your brand with the way your products are described, the greater your chance is to stay before potential customers. Making good use of interview requests and diversifying the keywords in resource box would go a long way in helping you in the matter.



If you wish to live long in the market, you have to think as a consumer. Do a research on how customers would try to find products like yours. And, insert those keywords in appropriate places.

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