Timeless Tips for Search Engine Optimization in 2014

2013 is about to end. Being a SEO expert, you may not yet have completed your efforts in the field. But, you have no choice, but to welcome 2014. This implies that you are required to stay ahead of the competition by doing research on what Google has in store for SEO professionals. It is true that there may be certain factors which would remain unchanged. But, you have to understand that search engines have to take care of an astoundingly heavy traffic. For this reason, they have to update algorithms in such a way as to play a hide and seek game with the experts in the field.

Following are some helpful tips in this direction.

  • Stay with Google+: As you know, Google is on its way to making its services completely merged into a single place. If you don’t have a profile in this ever-expanding platform, it is high time that you do something about it. Create a great profile and try to get as many followers as possible into your circle. Know that what you do on the platform is going to have an impact on your website ranking. You should also build a circle of likeminded individuals renowned in your field.
  • Prepare a well-organized data markup scheme: Preparing a well-organized data markup scheme plays a vital role in determining a website’s relevance for Google. Make sure that you structure your markup database in such a way that your contact details, reviews of your product and all other important information are easy to access and understand for Google. This would make sure that your website is easier to index for Google. And, it would go a long way in taking your site to the first result pages on Google.
  • Localize, localize, and localize: Yours may be a business with a global footing. But, an analysis of the trends in the field informs that users want service providers who are located in their own locality. A failure to take note of this growing trend can prove fatal to your existence in the market. Do a research on Google and you would be able to understand the significance of localization. And, do not forget to build a community based on the product or service you wish to promote. You can make use of the platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for the purpose.
  • Go mobile: A research on trends in the market would come up with the conclusion; people want to shop using their Smartphone’s. Even Google has reiterated the necessity of mobile-friendly websites with the introduction of Humming Bird and similar features. Studies done in the field inform us that more than 25% of the searches are coming from mobile devices. Make sure that your website is easy to load even on small screens. This would have a positive impact on your website ranking.
  • Remain updated with the changing algorithms: Google always makes sure that even experts find it difficult to catch up with its changing algorithms. For this reason, it is a must that you remain updated with its innovations.

Take care to ensure that your website contains positive reviews of the products or services you offer. However, do not go for fake reviews. This may harm your reputation in the field. You should also stay away from other unethical practices like link farming.

  • Know that content is king: This advice may sound repetitive. But, understand that the time when you can attract visitors with appealing ads is long gone. At present, if you have to survive in the market, you should give something of value to your target audience.

Keep these points in mind and you would be able to take your business to the next level within the shortest possible time.

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