Looking Ahead to the SEO Challenges of 2014

There is no doubt to one fact; 2013 had been an eventful year when it comes to search engine optimization and marketing.  Google Penguin when combined with the Humming Bird proved to be a turning point in the field. Most of the strategies and shortcuts SEO experts relied upon proved to be of no use any more. With 2014 nearing us, it would be great to have a review of the changes which have come and which are expected to happen.

Bulk content vs. mobile technology

Google is a company which keeps on updating its SEO strategies. This is done with a view to give the best possible answers to the questions users type on the search engine. It implies that the search engine giant is now in a position to do an in-depth analysis of every single website which comes its way. Lots of research is being conducted to find the trends in the market. One such study observed that the longer a posting was, the greater its chance had been to rank high in Google. It led to the conclusion that the longer the content, the higher its position in Google. But, the emergence of mobile technology has started proving it wrong.

Smartphone users wanted content which they can view on a small screen. The task of breaking long articles into smaller pieces for a mobile phone screen may appear time-consuming. But, the SEO experts of today are left with no other option, but to be mindful of this new trend. It implies that you have to maintain a balance between in-depth content and smaller versions of the same to be made available for small screens.

Stay with Google+

It is a truth that Google always gives a tough time to SEO professionals by constantly updating its search algorithm. The search provider also makes sure that the factors influencing a website ranking always remains elusive even to experts in the matter. But, one thing is sure; the significance of Google+ has increased in 2013. This is expected to continue even in the year ahead.  It is also observed that the URL given at the end of postings published on Google+ increases the number of backlinks webmasters can attain. And, the relevance of Google authorship in determining the ranking of a website is something no website owner can ignore at present. This is also known to increase the click through rate of a site.

The increasing popularity of visual media

Another trend which needs to be noted in the year 2013 is the ever-growing popularity of visual media. This may appear difficult for someone who is devoted only to writing great content. But, if you wish to be before potential customers, you have to combine visual media into your content.

Growing importance of information-rich content

The time when people can insert keywords into an article without giving information is long gone. The search engines have gained the required expertise to determine the relevance of a website based on the value of content provided therein. If you wish to rank high, you have to give something of value to the market. And, this is going to be more prevalent in 2014.

Guest blogging still dominates

As you know, guest blogging started some time back as a hobby for the experts. It has become a full-blown marketing strategy at present. The job of building relationship and seeking well-informed followers may appear daunting. But, this is going to be there with us in the year ahead.


2014 is expected to be a year where you are not forced to be in line with a hide and seek game. The force controlling the arena would be the attempt to offer relevant information to the users for their queries typed on their favorite search engines.

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